GLASScon will bring together a limited number Government systems/software development staff, project/program managers, senior executives, policy makers, and contracting officers to discuss the possible options for adopting Lean and Agile approaches successfully.  This is a systems thinking approach to what is needed to increase Federal Government Agile/Lean adoption.

Our ideal audience will be a mix of

  • Government development staff
  • Project and Program Managers responsible for software or systems development
  • Agency Contracting Officers
  • Senior Executives (CIOs, CTOs, CFOs within their respective Departments or Agencies)
  • Policy Makers or Auditors (OMB or GAO would be most welcome)

Please come prepared for some passionate discussions on the topics you care about; whether you are new to Agile and Lean or not (there will be some basic topics to help folks learn more as well).  To help us ensure your needs are being met, you will also be asked to provide a topic of interest during your ticket registration.  We’re not looking for this to be a large conference as that defeats the purpose of te deeper conversations we want to encourage; the event is capped at 50 attendees, so don’t miss out.

** Contractors supporting Government Departments and Agencies are welcome under the following conditions:

  • You are sponsored by a Federal Employee (state that person in your registration)
  • At the time of registration at the start of the conference, you have your sponsor present
  • Your sponsor is present throughout the entire conference; if he or she leaves, we respectfully request you depart as well

The reason for this is simple; this is a conference for Federal employees to hone their skills on Agile adoption and we recognize that WE (collectively) are the primary impediments in some manner, not our contractors.  We must have a strong Federal employee representation for this to work.


2 thoughts on “Audience

    • Will do, we’re in the planning stages. Another gentleman I met from GSA at Agile2017 offered up finding Govt space, which then would make it even better. The only thing at that is determining how food and supplies are paid for…


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