The Experience

Most conferences, particularly Government ones, have speakers talking to you all day.  If you’re lucky, you may have a short time after each presentation to ask a question so that you can discuss your particular context and how to apply what they said.  When it comes to the unique challenges that the Government faces when adopting Lean and Agile practices, this simply isn’t good enough.

We need deeper learning opportunities, richer dialogs, more diversity of experiences, and the establishment of a meaningful network; the self-organized GLASScon team recognizes this need and has adapted a modified Open Space format that will help bring these characteristics forth.

GLASScon will kick-off with the traditional welcome, and that’s where the similarity with traditional conferences ends.  Rather than speakers, we’ll have Sparkers; Sparks are short presentations to provoke thought.  Then we’ll propose topics and break into groups to collaborate on those topics.  You follow your interests.  These topics may be based on the Spark topic, how to overcome a hurdle, implement a specific solution, or share successes and failures.  Over the two days, we’ll get several iterations of sparkers and topic discussions to help deepen your understanding of how to apply  Lean and Agile concepts and move us closer to our desired outcomes. We will also have a set of workshops sprinkled in for some hands-on learning.


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