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We are (again) happy to announce that the next Government Lean-Agile Software & Systems Conference is set for 11-12 June 2019.The Navy League’s facility is unfortunately not finished with its renovations as of yet, so we are postponing until Fall 2019. The site information is to let you know what we have planned so far. GLASScon is about helping Government personnel develop a deeper understanding of what Agility means and how to better enable it within their organization (see the Outcomes Page).

Our theme this is year is “Increasing Your Agility”.


This will be where the registration button will be 😉

We provide inspirational short talks called Sparks to give you insight into some aspect of Agility; and then you develop the topics that interest you for a more detailed discussion. We do several iterations of Spark-Topics so that we always stay attuned to what you need, while interjecting some fresh ideas.  See the Experience Page to gain more insight into how this particular conference works.  Additionally, this is intended for Government personnel; this is organized by Federal and former Federal personnel with an eye towards allowing a free exchange of information.  You can get a good feel for this on the Audience Page.

Want to find out what you’ll hear? Check out the Schedule  of Sparks.

Based on the feedback we have had, this year we will schedule 2 days to allow for a greater variety of topics as well as provide a couple of hands-on workshops.

The event will be at the Navy League in Arlington, VA; convenient to Courthouse Metro. They have a wonderful conference facility. The Conference is designed to be a low cost event. Individual day tickets are $45, and $80 for two days. These funds are used to purchase your food and supplies. The space and other costs have been donated.

We have adopted the Agile Alliance’s Code of Conduct.

Be kind to others.

Behave professionally.

While we have never needed to act on any type of harassment or other unsafe activity, we felt it important to articulate expected behaviors for all participants: attendees, speakers, and organizers.

Tweet at @paul_boos on Twitter if you have questions…

Stay Tuned here and follow @GLASScon4gov for more details! The GLASScon Guardian is our online newspaper with Agile and Lean information published daily.

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