We are (again) happy to announce that the next Government Lean-Agile Software & Systems Conference is set for 22 September 2016. GLASScon is about helping Government personnel develop a deeper understanding of what Agility means and how to better enable it within their organization (see the Outcomes Page).

Eventbrite - GLASScon: Govt Lean-Agile Software & Systems Conference

We provide inspirational short talks called Sparks to give you insight into some aspect of Agility; and then you develop agenda items to discuss the topics that interest you in greater detail.  We do several iterations of Spark-Topics so that we always stay attuned to what you need, while interjecting some fresh ideas.  See the Experience Page to gain more insight into how this particular conference works.  Additionally, this is intended for Government personnel; this is organized by Federal and former Federal personnel with an eye towards allowing a free exchange of information.  You can get a good feel for this on the Audience Page.

We’re currently in the midst of finalizing the Sparks for our Schedule.

Based on the feedback we have had, this year we will schedule only one day, which will have the Spark-Topic iterations, a DevOps demo to help people learn more about how this important approach can enable better organizational agility, and a hands-on workshop to help people realize the organizational structural change that may be needed to support it.

The event will be at the Arlington Tech Exchange, Suite 610, Navy League Building: 2300 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

This again will be a nominal cost to attend: $40 which will cover food and supplies.  Registration will go live mid-January, so stay tuned!  This is planned to be limited to no more than 50 attendees.


We’d like to thank our first sponsor: Excella Consulting for arranging and paying for the venue.

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